Friday, July 17, 2009

you think, you wink, you do a double blink

I'm starting fresh with the blog.
New look, new ideas and a new interest for it all.
Can't wait to perfect the layout and start with the real content!
For now it is a work in progress and I can't wait.

Ayesha xx

Sunday, March 15, 2009

La Vie En Rose

Hat: Vintage- Thrifted
1960's Cut-Out Dress: Thrifted
Tights: Farmers
Shoes: Gift

Yesterday was filled with friends, food, music and laying about. After having days busy with work and nights out, it was nice to have a lazy Sunday.

Here are some of my fruits of my latest thrifting madness. I was in a small usually boring op-shop, when my friend and I laid eyes on this dress. We are almost the same size so there was much changing room madness and general 'oh it's so cute'- 'aw man it's to small' remarks.

I won out by a few mere centimetres up top. Although I admit it obviously could be a little longer and a bit not so don't breathe to hard. It is exactly what I have been looking for though, so I can't complain.

After meeting my friends for lunch, I returned home and listened to the ever so magical Patrick Wolf. If you have never heard him you must. Not only is he effortlessly stylish, but his music is like a beautiful storybook that I am yet to have finished, his new material is coming out soon and I could not be more excited, as you can probably tell.

The rest of my day was spent with my lovely boy, him falling asleep (ack boys), while I was captivated by the french film "Love Me If You Dare". It was so pretty, the clothing the colours and that adorable dressed little boy.

Yet it was one of those movies where I can't decide whether I completely adore it or am impartial. I must say through it does make me want to go on a search for a tin merry-go-round to put my jewellery in. As I aquire more my little turning ballerina music box is sighing under the weight!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

See This Hat....'Twas My Cat!

Hat: Vintage
Treggings: Vintage
Flats: Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Awkward Pose: It was cold!

This has been the best week of my life for op-shop/ Vintage finds! It seems every store I visit has the items I have always wanted to thrift. I hope tomorrow to finally photograph my them all, including the most fabulous cut out 1960s print dress you have ever seen. ..well okay maybe not for you...but I was pretty stoked.

Today was auction photo day for Trade Me, easily the worst day of my week. I spent the first half of the day in the outfit above (although i'm selling thesouglytheyarepretty pants/leggings)
Then gladly just as I finished my boyfriend popped over with arms full of ingredients and we made chocolate chip filled cookie dough.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's A Girl To Do?

I won, I won!
This is the first time I have bidded on something from Trade Me (New Zealand's answer to Ebay) in many years.
I had bad experiences with my previous purchases. Way to dingy/ misleading photos and myself being to click happy.

I'm so excited for this mini-dress! However, it finished at a random time in the afternoon, when normal people are at work and i'm most likely scouring through the racks at op-shops finding treasures.

Which as it happens I was today when my phone alarm for the auction ending went off.
.....Oh yeah i'm nerdy like that.....
So heres me, half out the door while buying the items I had to quickly sift through, bolting out the door, recently purchased hat threatening to lift from my head and fly under passing cars and I suspect my whole backside on show as a tore down the street, not wanting to the lose the auction.

In a dramatic fashion, I dropped my bags of treasures at the door burst in and opened the auction with 17 seconds to go and .....unfortunately....ME in the lead....

Oh well, atleast I won.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY ..aaaa...aaaa



Since i'm from a more unconventional part of the earth. I thought it would be good to showcase what kinds of things New Zealand can add to the fashion world.

Ruby is a New Zealand made label, that has it's own brand, Ruby (crazily enough) and also stocks other New Zealand designers in the store.
This store is very pricey to me, around the NZ$200 mark for a dress, that's about US$100 or 65 pounds.
Is that expensive to overseas people?
Our dollar is so weak right now!

The store in my city is right next to incredibly overpriced and ever so boring "designer" clothes stores, however usually these designers are usually little known overseas.
Ruby is no exception in the little know outside of New Zealand section, but does stock some draw droppingly good clothes.

I oooooohhh and aaahhh everytime I go in, hold up items to myself in the mirror. I'm to scared to try something on, what if I ruin it? Or it...and want to buy it?
Some garments in there have made me gasp, not even kidding, it's an embarrassing habit, but for some reason I can never give in and buy anything.
Thrifted clothing is so much cheaper and usually pieces are one off.

Maybe one day i'll buy a peice. I hear they last a long time and if I invest in something like that incredible blue coat, or that sweet sweet feather capelet..., thats if I ever get over my fear of buying anything that isn't on sale from a real store...not an Op-Shop.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Is Me.

Coat: Paddington Market: Sydney
Skirt: From when I was very young!
Tights: Farmers
Shirt: Tsubi
Boots: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Gloves: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Faux Fur Hat: Thrifted
Bow: Thrifted

Goodness! Thank you all for the comments on the the last post! I'd hardly gone over 10 before that post and you all are so lovely.

This week has been a blur of op-shop (thrifting) trips, that really I should never have gone on, I have enough things to sell already, but I just can't help myself!, Family gatherings and numerous nights sat infront of nextdoors projector waching movie after movie.

Lately I have no idea where my days are dissapearing to. Ever since I moved into the city it's like my life is on fast-forward! I always wonder how time floats away so quickly when I work much much shorter hours than my friends and dont even need to leave the house to do so!

My two 9-5 flatmates agree that if they are off work for more than a weekend, they get incredibly restless and would rather be slogging away at their jobs! I could never understand how people could run out of things to do and have always loved free time more than anything.
I guess i'm just one of those people that don't get board in their own company....or as of late in the company of my boyfriend, laptop and Bloglovin....


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kindle My Heart.

Dress: Thrifted
Red Tights: The Warehouse
Neck Bow: Thrifted, fell off a hair clip.
Lace Back Panel Jacket: Thrifted
Vintage Ferragamo Heels: Antique Store
Brown Tooled Leather Bag: Thrifted

This an old outfit I posted on Wardrobe Remix awhile back. I realised I hadn't shared it here on my blog, when I came across that pretty little picture of the girl in the forrest. They may be old remix photos, but my way of dressing has remained very simular. Little girl style, lace, bows and little brown boots are still etched in my mind, for autumn, that has begun to creep up.

I still can't decide whether or not to sell that 80's fantastic/ Mary Poppins jacket or not. It's such an interesting piece, but I feel I don't wear it enough to justify it still being in my closet.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have been so incredibly busy lately! Finally branching out and going flatting takes up more time than you would expect.
Somehow I have kept up my op-shopping addiction though, however luckily I am being more picky with what I buy so I don't end up with too much stock for the store!

I thought since I haven't blogged in so long I should show you what has been inspiring me lately! Still "A Little Princess" type clothes, even more so since I have been finding the most beautiful little girl type dresses, which I promise will be posted soon!
My wardrobe is full of florals, which seems to not be stopping anytime soon. Hopefully the springtime like dresses will get me through the sure to be freezing winter ahead. That and a lovely fur hat i'm still on the lookout for!

Also the lovely Andrea of A Cat Of Impossible Colour gave me this I Love Your Blog award! Thank you so much!
This definately kicks my butt to tell me to be a better blogger.
I will have to gift this forward in the next post!
My first award:

Also I just jumped on the Blog Lovin boat and it is sooo much easier than my 2 igoogle accounts that I flick between daily!
You should add me, that would be lovely.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Technicolor Phase.

As a commenter suggested, instead of wallowing in my no-autumn misery, I am instead going to attempt to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts and I reckon around this time at the end of winter i'll be complaining about the lack of sunshine around i'll enjoy a plum covered lawn and fried yellow grass while it lasts!

Recently my sister got her sewing machine fixed! This was great news for me as I have a big big big container full of, if this was just tweaked it would be so much better garments.
So last night I set out to take up the hems of the many vintage dresses that make me look dowdy and disagree with my legs.

With scissors pins and no experience behind me I managed, due to some form of miricle to hem the dress to perfection, well...ok I won't go quite that far...lets just say it won't fall apart on the next wear.

Many stiches later and only one major fist fight with the sewing machine later I have mangaged to save four dresses from exile and crammed in a veiwing of the ever popular sew along movie "Free Willy" too.

80's ruffle bib dress, has the most delicate buttons, my favourite out of the lot! Can't wait for Autumn to wear it with black tights and brown leather ankle booties.

Homemade Heidi-eque dress. Accumulated off my friend. Had a cute floral hem that sadly had to part with, when taken up.

80s floral dress, I found this dress yonks ago in a north island store. Tried to hem it just by cutting the bottom off. Didn't really know what I was doing and it came out massacred. I saved it now, but has been hanging out unworn in my closet for about 3 years....oh yes i'm THAT type of hoarder.

1970s ex maxi dress. I know some people that see will want to kill me for lopping off a mazi dress to make a mini, but it just looks so much better and I will get so much more weaqr out of it this way. Plus the bottom part I chopped off is going to be made into a long overdue miu miu style puff skirt!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello Beautiful.

These are some older finds I found on my computer, accumulated before the festive season. I thought since I went to the trouble of taking these pictures, uploading and editing them, they deserve a post here. All finds are from my town called Rangiora, found at the local Salvation Army. The 1960s pink suitcase was full of vintage dolls clothes...which silly me I only had eyes for the suitcase and ended up snagging it for a few dollars!

Summer has bought on my brown leather obsession. Trust me there are many more collected items where the few pictured came from! It just fits in so perfectly with floaty summer dresses and long flowing tousseled hair...which sadly I am still lacking...
I love spring and summer in New Zealand. The little town I live in, in the South Island has the highest recorded temperture ever in the whole of New Zealand. I'm not surprised because at present I am boiling! However there's just something about the constant rays of sunshine, ice blocks, loud music, road trips and beach hang outs that never fail to make me smile.

Lately for some reason or another I have been craving autumn. I love it's crunchy leaves and just warm enough temperatures and in fact I feel, although summer is my favourite season, that i'm a little over the crazy temperatures and constant sweltering heat that has been here. Don't get me wrong I am definately not a winter girl at all. It is pretty, but the thought of cleansing my face in the mornings in icy cold water makes me shudder.

I love the fall/autumn fashions that have been shown on my favourite blogs. I am greatful to the influx of New Zealand bloggers, that I have begun to discover, that give me summer inspiration for now. Frankly I fear that the only reason I want fall to come around already, is not for the final cold break from two summers in a row, gained from working on an American Summer Camp, but because finally my beloved tights can adorn my legs without gaining stares from the heat exhausted population, that pity/scorn my tight obsession.

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept.

Along the same lines of the previous post, lies the whimisical and much loved movie "The Secret Garden".
This movie was reminded into existence, from my childhood by the wonderful Meagan of Left Hand Endeavor (who coincidently I'm a big fan of) on my last post!
It is yes, yet another children's film filled with magic, fantastic sets, location and most importantly wardrobe. Also it is the 2nd movie to be added to my movies fashion bloggers must see list (which at present only exists in my head)

Mary, the main character of the film spends the entire movie taunting and mocking me by wearing a series of outfits that I thought only existed in heaven. From billowing smock dresses to delicate night attire, this young lady has one of the wardrobes I envy most within a film. I swear if this movie was created and filmed simply to banish my closet into the realms of shame, it has admirably succeeded and I am in dire need of a perfect hair bow and doll dress combo.

However with this movie the male characters are dressed nearly as intricately as their female counterparts and because of this I find my inspiration eye mindlessly wandering to their perfectly dapper waistcoat and button up shirt ensembles. It may sound crazy, but as beautiful and stunning as Mary's, costumes are, I would be perfectly content with any of the young boys attire topped off with a red-ribbon neck tie and elegantly disheveled hair for myself!

I remember sitting in front of the telly as a youngster always being swept away by this movie. I even thought Dicken was a wee stud and had a bit of a crush on him everytime I saw it. I love movies like this so much because I feel this type of fantastical children's films with real heart and less cheap raunchy jokes, like what filled my childhood have ceased to be made lately. It makes me sad to think that the children's movies may only further decline into more Chicken Little and Wall-E money grabbing films, than movies that take you away, even upon viewing as an adult into a magical world of possiblity.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Am A Pirate You Are A Princess.

One of my favourite movies as a child was "A Little Princess". The storyline is simple, yet the costuming and scale of the movie is elaborate, delicate and visually stunning! Everything one of my favourite movie characters of all time, wears in this film is exactly what I love now. Full of bows, heart pendants, dandy shoes, perfect coats, lacey ruffly ultra-feminine dresses and the most perfect ringlets. Plus that part where she walks into the door makes me laugh my face off everytime...

If you haven't already I would say that you must get your hands on the movie! Not only it up there with my favourite movies of all time,but it is a timeless classic (well in my eyes). I have not met one single person that doesn't like the movie or haven't wanted to be Sarah Crew in their lifetime.

I pray that my fall wardrobe morphs into something as wonderful as even the 4 outfits pictured above. Heck i would sell my mother just to get my hands on the school uniform!


A Girl In Port.

Kaikoura is a wonderous little tourist town that I loved to visit when I was younger and obsessed with Dolphins. Theres something beautiful about a town where time doesn't seem to exist!

Christmas festivities are over, a New Year has passed and Autumn is creeping up slowly towards us in the other hemisphere.
Life has been so busy lately, as it always is, everyone deciding what to do with their lives and new adventures to face.

My boyfriend, that I met while in a America this past summer (American summer) has moved down from the North Island to come join me in the far less temperate South Island. He has left everything behind. I always wonder if I would be risky enough to do that. To leave the familiar streets, routine and faces that ground me here and have for the past 19 years.

I'm taking a leap into the unknown, moving out of the place I grew up and into a flat with 2 others and a flat with 5 others right next door! It's not to far away from my hometown, but I don't have anyone to fall back on now....and should really learn how to cook. I'm so distractable that I often burn rice, oven fries and noodles ...probably all at once if ever the opportunity popped up...

That atleast explains a tiny fraction of my absence, the other part is pure laziness on my part....I may aswell be I also blame it on my current obsession of aquiring and reading every Goosebumps book in existance, but more about that later (oh yes it deserves it's own post!) R.L Stine was a book machine! I managed to carve throught three yesterday...did I just brag about that?