Friday, January 16, 2009

A Girl In Port.

Kaikoura is a wonderous little tourist town that I loved to visit when I was younger and obsessed with Dolphins. Theres something beautiful about a town where time doesn't seem to exist!

Christmas festivities are over, a New Year has passed and Autumn is creeping up slowly towards us in the other hemisphere.
Life has been so busy lately, as it always is, everyone deciding what to do with their lives and new adventures to face.

My boyfriend, that I met while in a America this past summer (American summer) has moved down from the North Island to come join me in the far less temperate South Island. He has left everything behind. I always wonder if I would be risky enough to do that. To leave the familiar streets, routine and faces that ground me here and have for the past 19 years.

I'm taking a leap into the unknown, moving out of the place I grew up and into a flat with 2 others and a flat with 5 others right next door! It's not to far away from my hometown, but I don't have anyone to fall back on now....and should really learn how to cook. I'm so distractable that I often burn rice, oven fries and noodles ...probably all at once if ever the opportunity popped up...

That atleast explains a tiny fraction of my absence, the other part is pure laziness on my part....I may aswell be I also blame it on my current obsession of aquiring and reading every Goosebumps book in existance, but more about that later (oh yes it deserves it's own post!) R.L Stine was a book machine! I managed to carve throught three yesterday...did I just brag about that?

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Meaghan Kelly said...

i feel the same way! i have lived in Montreal, Canada since I was born! 23 years later I have travelled all over but never moved away! there is somethin so scary about leaving a place that feels like home!