Monday, November 24, 2008

Stand and Deliver

Monday 24th November 2008

Hat: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Tights: Farmers
Necklace: My Sisters (stolen)
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo, Antique Store

A lot has changed.
I have new hair, well technically I just went back to what it was before the blonde.
I have a new layout for the site.
I have a renewed want to blog, because the layout is finally up to my standards.
I have a new way of editing photos
I have new auctions to go up.

New Zealand is a crazy wee country, we are going into summer soon, while everyone else prepares for winter. Not only do I have to compensate for fall fashions thats are so appealing right now, I also have to contend with weather that allowed me to wear my cape this morning then hardly anything this afternoon, for fear of dehydration.

However I did get a sneaky outfit photo while working hard at my Trade Me auctions today. They will go up tomorrow night! Should be the biggest haul I have fobbed off in a long time!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You're So Last Summer...

There is nothing better than a Sunday market, or an overdue post. Well actually I can think of many better things than an overdue post. The top three pictures are from the local Riccarton market in Christchurch every Sunday.

It's a kitchy market filled with vinyl, cheap clothes and knick knacks that even I have no use for. I can't wait to go next, but until I curb my spending habit and pay off my America debt a.k.a my sister bailing me out (of finacial death, not jail) I can only buy what I think I will possibly never see again.

So after much adoration, of so many things out of my reach, I left with; a vintage pearl ring, sold by a token little old lady, Two, yes, TWO Joni Mitchell records, One Julie Andrews record and a pair of very sore feet. Trying hard not to toot my own horn, but one of the Joni mitchell records is a first printing. It perfectly matches other two originals ,I nabbed from the states. I am so stoked as my vinyl collecting has only started a mere month ago and Joni Mitchell steals my heart.

So jealous of my friends Wallmart Batman watch. It may be brand new and made in china but it is a mighty fine piece of work. The top is interchangeable aswell, if only I had stolen it when she wasn't looking and claimed it mine.....

I decided to go au natural with the hair yesterday letting it show it's real character when not subject to the rigor of straightening, what do you think? Fro or no?

Blouse: op-shop (thrifted)
Bow: Off my formal dress
Hairclip: Vintage Chanel from little old lady at Riccarton Market...they are the best!
Leggings (unseen): Urban Outfitters
Shoes (unseen): Borrowed from friend because she took mine...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly...

Spring is here! ....well it is supposed to be. Since coming back from the states I have been so freezing cold i've had to wear muliple pairs of socks and hoodies to bed, attractive I know, but there's nothing thats seems to be shaking off the cold lately.

There is an upside to all this weather however, as I seem to only have perfect vintage finds when the seasons are wrong. As Americans going into fall we go plow right into spring so inpiration hits at the wrong time. Luckily this time I could get atleast one use of this vintage 1960s cape I found in the dress up box at a local op-shop! It is beautifully made and has double buttoning on the chest. I'm in love.

Cape: Op-shop
Cardigan (you can't see): Thrifted
Top (worn as a dress): A gift, op-shop.
Knee High Socks: Diva
Shoes: Thrifted

I am a pirate you are a princess...

It's rare I enjoy someones 21st. This time it was my step brothers and it was themed Pirates and Princesses, due to my lack of eye-patch I ended up being the latter. Clad in my poofy 7th formal dress, tavky tiara, eye glitter and my shoe love, picked up from Forever 21 in the States I was off.

Usually packed with binge drinkers and horrible dancers, this 21st was actually enjoyable. After recently having been discovering over 60s and 70s music, whoever created the soundtrack for this party gave me a party soundtrack dream as that was pretty much all that was played. Plus can't complain with free cake.

Dress: Ebay
Shoes:Forever 21
Tights: Farmers
Tiara: Hired

Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Week On Trade Me.......

plus more listings coming soon :) Take a peek!
(this is the New Zealand version of Ebay)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Dr called while you were out...

I know I'm waaayyy to slow on the boat, but lately Docs have just tugged at my heartstrings. I loved them when the first round of sudden love was thrust upon them and a resurgence of love has just bubbled up after seeing floral and crazy coloured versions of these beasts.

I say beast because it's much like the Disney film. Girl hates said beast....girl tries to run away....beast becomes more and more attractive....girl falls in love with beast and beast transforms into a beautiful prince.......of footwear...

i can only imagine some of the pairing abilities with these this summer! while everyone else is enjoying fall, I can team these with cute floral socks you wore when you were ten and got that embarrassing white sock just me? all right.

I have to pay off my America debts before I even think about touching these. I think one pair would liven up my wailing boot collection however.

Monday, September 22, 2008

let no foot mark your ground let no hand hold you down

So this is my opening post. I though it only best to debut with a September inspiration board. I recently came back from a trip to the U.S.A so my mind seems to be ready for fall....but New zealand isn't, we go stright into summer from here.

Here is me dreaming of layers of lace and knits when i'm really going to have to adjust to blistering hot temperatures. Oh well a girl can dream! for now i'm make doing with the adverage weather here and wearing tights until I can't bear the heat anymore..