Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You're So Last Summer...

There is nothing better than a Sunday market, or an overdue post. Well actually I can think of many better things than an overdue post. The top three pictures are from the local Riccarton market in Christchurch every Sunday.

It's a kitchy market filled with vinyl, cheap clothes and knick knacks that even I have no use for. I can't wait to go next, but until I curb my spending habit and pay off my America debt a.k.a my sister bailing me out (of finacial death, not jail) I can only buy what I think I will possibly never see again.

So after much adoration, of so many things out of my reach, I left with; a vintage pearl ring, sold by a token little old lady, Two, yes, TWO Joni Mitchell records, One Julie Andrews record and a pair of very sore feet. Trying hard not to toot my own horn, but one of the Joni mitchell records is a first printing. It perfectly matches other two originals ,I nabbed from the states. I am so stoked as my vinyl collecting has only started a mere month ago and Joni Mitchell steals my heart.

So jealous of my friends Wallmart Batman watch. It may be brand new and made in china but it is a mighty fine piece of work. The top is interchangeable aswell, if only I had stolen it when she wasn't looking and claimed it mine.....

I decided to go au natural with the hair yesterday letting it show it's real character when not subject to the rigor of straightening, what do you think? Fro or no?

Blouse: op-shop (thrifted)
Bow: Off my formal dress
Hairclip: Vintage Chanel from little old lady at Riccarton Market...they are the best!
Leggings (unseen): Urban Outfitters
Shoes (unseen): Borrowed from friend because she took mine...