Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Technicolor Phase.

As a commenter suggested, instead of wallowing in my no-autumn misery, I am instead going to attempt to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts and I reckon around this time at the end of winter i'll be complaining about the lack of sunshine around i'll enjoy a plum covered lawn and fried yellow grass while it lasts!

Recently my sister got her sewing machine fixed! This was great news for me as I have a big big big container full of, if this was just tweaked it would be so much better garments.
So last night I set out to take up the hems of the many vintage dresses that make me look dowdy and disagree with my legs.

With scissors pins and no experience behind me I managed, due to some form of miricle to hem the dress to perfection, well...ok I won't go quite that far...lets just say it won't fall apart on the next wear.

Many stiches later and only one major fist fight with the sewing machine later I have mangaged to save four dresses from exile and crammed in a veiwing of the ever popular sew along movie "Free Willy" too.

80's ruffle bib dress, has the most delicate buttons, my favourite out of the lot! Can't wait for Autumn to wear it with black tights and brown leather ankle booties.

Homemade Heidi-eque dress. Accumulated off my friend. Had a cute floral hem that sadly had to part with, when taken up.

80s floral dress, I found this dress yonks ago in a north island store. Tried to hem it just by cutting the bottom off. Didn't really know what I was doing and it came out massacred. I saved it now, but has been hanging out unworn in my closet for about 3 years....oh yes i'm THAT type of hoarder.

1970s ex maxi dress. I know some people that see will want to kill me for lopping off a mazi dress to make a mini, but it just looks so much better and I will get so much more weaqr out of it this way. Plus the bottom part I chopped off is going to be made into a long overdue miu miu style puff skirt!



Anonymous said...

All four dresses look so pretty!

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
I lovee the first dress and the floral one...gorgeouss!!!


♥ fashion chalet said...

You have an excellent blog. I love the pictures and the name. Thank you so much for stopping by ( and commenting ) on mine! =]

have the loveliest of Fridays! xxx

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh man, I LOVE the first two dresses. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Dress envy. :D You are a thrifting genius!

I feel your pain about the hot weather, too. I miss wearing tights and woolly hats.

alexandra said...

awesome! xx

a cat of impossible colour said...

I have given you an award! :D Details are on my blog.

A xx

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Great dresses - and another NZ'er :) Yay!!

E.K. said...

The pattern on that last dress kills! Love the blog.

Vali said...

sorry for the long overdue reply!

I def don't think you're THAT girl from trademe! :P I do sell a lot of my thrift store finds on trademe too. I can't believe how many people sell those on trademe now!

looking forward for new updates :)

cuteseas said...

I'm in love with that floral dress!

Natacha said...

Wow I love this!

Anonymous said...