Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello Beautiful.

These are some older finds I found on my computer, accumulated before the festive season. I thought since I went to the trouble of taking these pictures, uploading and editing them, they deserve a post here. All finds are from my town called Rangiora, found at the local Salvation Army. The 1960s pink suitcase was full of vintage dolls clothes...which silly me I only had eyes for the suitcase and ended up snagging it for a few dollars!

Summer has bought on my brown leather obsession. Trust me there are many more collected items where the few pictured came from! It just fits in so perfectly with floaty summer dresses and long flowing tousseled hair...which sadly I am still lacking...
I love spring and summer in New Zealand. The little town I live in, in the South Island has the highest recorded temperture ever in the whole of New Zealand. I'm not surprised because at present I am boiling! However there's just something about the constant rays of sunshine, ice blocks, loud music, road trips and beach hang outs that never fail to make me smile.

Lately for some reason or another I have been craving autumn. I love it's crunchy leaves and just warm enough temperatures and in fact I feel, although summer is my favourite season, that i'm a little over the crazy temperatures and constant sweltering heat that has been here. Don't get me wrong I am definately not a winter girl at all. It is pretty, but the thought of cleansing my face in the mornings in icy cold water makes me shudder.

I love the fall/autumn fashions that have been shown on my favourite blogs. I am greatful to the influx of New Zealand bloggers, that I have begun to discover, that give me summer inspiration for now. Frankly I fear that the only reason I want fall to come around already, is not for the final cold break from two summers in a row, gained from working on an American Summer Camp, but because finally my beloved tights can adorn my legs without gaining stares from the heat exhausted population, that pity/scorn my tight obsession.