Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept.

Along the same lines of the previous post, lies the whimisical and much loved movie "The Secret Garden".
This movie was reminded into existence, from my childhood by the wonderful Meagan of Left Hand Endeavor (who coincidently I'm a big fan of) on my last post!
It is yes, yet another children's film filled with magic, fantastic sets, location and most importantly wardrobe. Also it is the 2nd movie to be added to my movies fashion bloggers must see list (which at present only exists in my head)

Mary, the main character of the film spends the entire movie taunting and mocking me by wearing a series of outfits that I thought only existed in heaven. From billowing smock dresses to delicate night attire, this young lady has one of the wardrobes I envy most within a film. I swear if this movie was created and filmed simply to banish my closet into the realms of shame, it has admirably succeeded and I am in dire need of a perfect hair bow and doll dress combo.

However with this movie the male characters are dressed nearly as intricately as their female counterparts and because of this I find my inspiration eye mindlessly wandering to their perfectly dapper waistcoat and button up shirt ensembles. It may sound crazy, but as beautiful and stunning as Mary's, costumes are, I would be perfectly content with any of the young boys attire topped off with a red-ribbon neck tie and elegantly disheveled hair for myself!

I remember sitting in front of the telly as a youngster always being swept away by this movie. I even thought Dicken was a wee stud and had a bit of a crush on him everytime I saw it. I love movies like this so much because I feel this type of fantastical children's films with real heart and less cheap raunchy jokes, like what filled my childhood have ceased to be made lately. It makes me sad to think that the children's movies may only further decline into more Chicken Little and Wall-E money grabbing films, than movies that take you away, even upon viewing as an adult into a magical world of possiblity.


V said...

I've seen you on Trademe before, didn't know you had a blog! It's always exciting to discover a new kiwi blog :)

Demi said...

thank you so much honey, you are so sweet!
yes, primark can be good. alot of people do wear the same stuff, but I tend to look for the things that people aren't wearing as much. and yes it is realllyyy cheap, there aren't many things for over £15!!


Meaghan Kelly said...

such a great post! you've inspired me to rewatch all of my childhood favourites and maybe write a blog post about some style-worthy children's movies! haha!

also, although i completely understand your yearning for fall (i'm a dress and tights girl myself) i'm so envious of your summer weather right now! i've been emprisoned here in Montreal knee deep in snow and ice for 3 months already, and we're only about half way through it.

keep mentioning the heat, and i will continue to live vicariously through you!