Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RUBY RUBY RUBY RUBY ..aaaa...aaaa



Since i'm from a more unconventional part of the earth. I thought it would be good to showcase what kinds of things New Zealand can add to the fashion world.

Ruby is a New Zealand made label, that has it's own brand, Ruby (crazily enough) and also stocks other New Zealand designers in the store.
This store is very pricey to me, around the NZ$200 mark for a dress, that's about US$100 or 65 pounds.
Is that expensive to overseas people?
Our dollar is so weak right now!

The store in my city is right next to incredibly overpriced and ever so boring "designer" clothes stores, however usually these designers are usually little known overseas.
Ruby is no exception in the little know outside of New Zealand section, but does stock some draw droppingly good clothes.

I oooooohhh and aaahhh everytime I go in, hold up items to myself in the mirror. I'm to scared to try something on, what if I ruin it? Or it...and want to buy it?
Some garments in there have made me gasp, not even kidding, it's an embarrassing habit, but for some reason I can never give in and buy anything.
Thrifted clothing is so much cheaper and usually pieces are one off.

Maybe one day i'll buy a peice. I hear they last a long time and if I invest in something like that incredible blue coat, or that sweet sweet feather capelet..., thats if I ever get over my fear of buying anything that isn't on sale from a real store...not an Op-Shop.



Elizabeth said...

i love all of those
that collection "ruby" is fantastic!

E.K. said...

That black Ruby dress is really great.

Diana said...

That blue coat is beautiful

StrikeMatch said...

I've never heard of these labels but they are super impressive. Don't worry about the price (the Aussie dollar is incredibly weak too)!!!

And I know what you mean, I think that last time that I bought sometime that wasn't on sale or from an op shop was a pair of Sportsgirl jeans. About 2 years ago?? Normal stores make me break out into sweats.

meliindaa. said...

ohmann i wish i lived in new zealand!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those clothes are fantastic, but definitely on the higher end of "realistic."

Taghrid said...

i really like this ruby line!

linked you xo

lucille said...

Love your blog ; these images are nice !
you hve a really talent for fashion !

Anonymous said...