Monday, September 29, 2008

I am a pirate you are a princess...

It's rare I enjoy someones 21st. This time it was my step brothers and it was themed Pirates and Princesses, due to my lack of eye-patch I ended up being the latter. Clad in my poofy 7th formal dress, tavky tiara, eye glitter and my shoe love, picked up from Forever 21 in the States I was off.

Usually packed with binge drinkers and horrible dancers, this 21st was actually enjoyable. After recently having been discovering over 60s and 70s music, whoever created the soundtrack for this party gave me a party soundtrack dream as that was pretty much all that was played. Plus can't complain with free cake.

Dress: Ebay
Shoes:Forever 21
Tights: Farmers
Tiara: Hired


EMS said...

love the shoes, there lovely
and i love that idear for a party, pirates and princesses, it beats pimps and whores

Demi said...

haha thank you (:
i love the colour of your hair and your tiara...very pretty =D
wanna trade links? x

Nicole Linette said...

Thanks for the blog comment :) I have to say, that dress was certainly a hit at the party I went to with it haha. How did you find my blog I'm curious?

Pirates & Princesses is a really rad idea for a theme. I love the vintage-y look of your pictures.


Anonymous said...